Welcome to Coles' Small Supplier Payment Program

Coles is a signatory to the Business Council of Australia Supplier Payment Code, committing to paying its small suppliers within 30 day of receipt of correct invoice or receipt of correct goods and services from 1 July 2020.

To meet our commitment, Coles has selected the Earlytrade Verify platform to enable our small suppliers to apply for and verify their small business status in an efficient, secure and confidential manner.

How does Coles Small Supplier Payment program work?

Coles has teamed up with Earlytrade, an Australian technology company who specialise in improving supply chain health. To join the Coles Small Supplier Payment program, powered by Earlytrade, complete the following three steps:
Step 1 - Apply & Verify
Suppliers can apply for small business status on Earlytrade Verify by providing evidence demonstrating they meet Coles eligibility requirements of being a small supplier.
Note: Your detailed information is protected and will not be shared with Coles Group.
Step 2 - Assess & Update
Supplier applications are assessed by Earlytrade Verify against key small supplier criteria to ensure eligibility. Once approved, your payment terms will be updated in Coles financial systems within 7 business days.
Step 3 - Remind & Renew
Eligibility for small supplier payment terms must be renewed each year. Earlytrade Verify will send you reminders when you are getting close to your anniversary date.
The Coles Small Supplier Program is offered to eligible small businesses, who have registered and supply goods or services to a Coles Group business.
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